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This is not a typical chain tax preparation service. The benefits of my unique educational background and attention to detail will be passed to my clients on an individual basis. 

Graduate level courses in the practice and procedures of the IRS, tax research methodology, properties and securities transactions, corporations and their shareholders, etc. has given me a broad yet thorough understanding of the Internal Revenue Code that is not obtainable through an H&R Block crash course. 

The Big A$$ Refunds name is fun, but we take our client's financial situation and our services very seriously. The goal is to accurately and efficiently follow the tax laws in the Internal Revenue Code and the Federal Tax Regulations issued by the United States Treasury Department.

Hiring a crew of tax preparers that took a two week crash course to churn out hundreds of returns, processed through noncompliant software is not in the best interest of taxpayer.

The best way to maximize your refund, minimize your tax liability, and maintain good standing with the IRS is to follow current tax laws and regulations and attach supporting Code Sections/Regulations with the return. 

Relax and be confident in your tax preparer this season.

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